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The DeNoble Files: Uncovering the Truth

Uncover the real story about the science of addiction from a former tobacco scientist, Dr. Victor DeNoble. The DeNoble Files are an inside look into how tobacco addiction changes your brain, and what happens every time you smoke a cigarette. Dr. DeNoble’s story will blow your mind. He was hired by Phillip Morris in 1980 to develop a “safer” cigarette yet, after finding a substitute for nicotine (the addictive part of cigarettes), he was fired. And silenced. That is, until he testified before Congress and started a tobacco revolution. Now, he’s the subject of the documentary Addiction Incorporated and the narrator of The DeNoble Files to reveal every secret about the science of addiction.



For the past 25  years Kaiser Permanente has sponsored the “Don’t Buy The Lie” Anti Smoking Program within the Greater Sacramento area. Let’s face it…the tobacco industry hasn’t given up on directly targeting our youth. Let’s help encourage our youth to become the first smoke free generation! 

With the support of a special guest speaker, we conducted anti smoking assemblies to over 10,000 elementary, middle and high school students March 5-23, 2018. We also conducted a poster contest that allowed youth to create their own anti-smoking or vaping messaging, with the winners message being displayed not only on billboards, but Instagram and radio ads.





GRAND PRIZE HIGH SCHOOL WINNER - TEAM NEW ERA from Franklin High School, Elk Grove Unified School District

GRAND PRIZE MIDDLE SCHOOL WINNER - LIV B. from Toby Johnson Middle School, Elk Grove Unified School District